News » Coffee mill “El Cántaro” becomes first to be certified as carbon neutral under the scope of NAMA Café


On the National Coffee Day on September 9th 2016 representatives of MAG, MINAE, ICAFE and GIZ congratulated the coffee mill El Cántaro for becoming the first mill to be certified as carbon neutral under the guidance of the NAMA Café.

Nestled among the mountains of Naranjo in Costa Rica´s Zona Occidente, lies the coffee processing mill El Cántaro. Its eight employees process 690.000 kg coffee yearly picked from 90 hectares of land. However, El Cántaro not only works hard to process coffee, but also to try and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that develop during the coffee´s processing. This has paid off: Edgar Gutiérrez, Minister for Environment and Energy, congratulated the mill on reaching carbon neutrality during the celebration of the National Coffee Day, granting the mill the right to carry the official label for being carbon neutral.

To reduce emissions, El Cántaro amongst other measures installed solar panels to become less dependent on the regular electricity grid, created an outdoor area for drying coffee with sunlight, and exchanged energy-wasting light sources with efficient ones. The mill´s emission reduction and carbon neutrality was verified by the Costa Rican EARTH University. The EARTH is accredited by the Costa Rican Accreditation Entity (ECA) according to ISO 14065. The official label for carbon neutrality is granted by the MINAE.

Juan Manuel Sánchez, owner of El Cántaro coffee mill, and his family received recognition for  their carbon neutral coffee mill. Copyright @ 2016 by GIZ Costa Rica. All rights reserved.